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About the founder
Chris Schmid

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I’m a wildlife photographer and filmmaker, National Geographic Explorer and Contributor and a Sony Ambassador. My tireless efforts to document and protect the few remaining areas of wilderness are fueled by true love for nature and a desire to protect what's left. As photographers, we have the chance to put into clear focus the beauty and richness of nature which we all have a communal responsibility to protect. But there is always more we can do.

That’s why today I have decided to create my own line of handmade products, Stay Wild™, to support and help wildlife conservation. 50% of profits will be donated to non-profit organizations making a difference every single day. 50% of profits are donated to non-profit organizations, WildAid and Nomad Tanzania Trust, making a difference every single day.

Each gemstone bracelet is designed by myself in conjunction with jeweler Edith van Zanten. We use a selection of carefully sourced semi-precious stones and recycled beads from glass bottles. All of our charm bracelets feature an adjustable organic cotton cord that has been hand dyed using roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood. They are certified by Global Organic Textile Standard. Our tags are made from recycled t-shirt fabric and the packaging is recyclable. We ensure an ethical and green supply chain that respects the environment in ways it can continue to flourish for generations to come.

Together we can make a difference: Save endangered species - Protect their habitats - Help local communities

So please #JoinTheHard by purchasing your bracelet and share awareness around you.

Wildlife and wild places are our greatest natural treasures –
priceless and irreplaceable.
— Chris Schmid


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